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Utility Scale solar installations are the largest scale of Solar Energy projects. Utility scale solar installations are huge setups, with the capacity to produce anywhere above 5 megawatts (MW) of solar energy.

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Organizations choose Commercial Scale solar installations as a means to reduce their carbon footprint, fulfill their Corporate Social Responsibility and reduce their operational costs substantially.

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Individuals who wish to contribute towards a green and clean planet while reaping enormous benefits can do so by installing a Residential Scale solar energy system on their property. It form a major part of the total solar installations worldwide.


Your Trustworthy Supplier, for a Sustainable Investment.

As one of the reputed business entities, Contendre Group has been driving growth across all its strategic ventures comprising of its Textiles and Infrastructure Business since 1984 under multiple group companies. After all our success, we have now chosen to take up a Green Initiative to do our bit for the better future of our planet and its occupants.

Contendre Greenergy is incorporated with the idea of providing non polluting renewable energy to all. We strongly believe that every responsible and committed individual as well as corporate body who strives to minimize their carbon footprint should have access to cost effective, high quality and high performance renewable solutions. Increasing global awareness towards sustainable energy has intensified our commitment towards our ultimate goal for a better tomorrow.

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